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Backpack large

Cotton backpack in the size of 53,50 cm × 40 cm is suitable for keeping of bricks or similar products (e.g. sports clothes).
44.72 zł incl tax

Backpack small

Cotton backpack in the size of 42 cm × 33 cm is suitable for keeping of bricks or similar products (e.g. sports clothes).
42.59 zł incl tax

Box /empty

Q-BRICKS Box is great for keeping your bricks or anything else tidy. The single box can hold up to 300 bricks. The exact number of bricks you can fit depends on brick sizes. The Q-BRICKS Box is made of material suitable for contact with food and can be used as a practical lunch box. Product measures: 17,5 cm x13 cm x 6,5 cm
17.01 zł incl tax

Brick separator

A separator makes it easier to dismantle the structure of building bricks.
6.35 zł incl tax

Case /empty

Q-BRICKS case is a practical case with a handle that allows you to keep your bricks or anything else in order. With its solid locking system you can fill it to the maximum without running the risk of it opening. The handle on the top of the case allows you to easily carry the case with its contents. The handle can be folded, leaving the top of the Q-Bricks Case flat. The material the Q-Bricks Case is made of is shock-resistant. Product measures: 33 cm x17 cm x 14 cm
53.24 zł incl tax


The kit consists of: 1 container, 1 flap and 2 covers Dimensions single container: length 39.2cm × width 15.7cm × height 18.6cm The container can also be used in general for storing all kinds of small objects The dispenser helps to keep the bricks in order, away from dust but still clearly visible. However, its function is not limited to bricks alone: in fact, it can be very useful in the house to store anything you can think of! Whether it be sweets, tools, games, balls of yarn, or even our beloved Christmas decorations; there’s room for them all in the Q-BRICKS dispenser! In a bedroom or living room, it is a decorative element with its colourful content! And when stacked in the garage, it provides an overview of the contents straight away.
153.43 zł incl tax