Our Story

The story of Q-BRICKS® has began in Italy 40 years ago with Mr. Bisello and there is his story:

when LEGO entered the market, in the midst of late 50's and early 60's of the 20th century; I was still a child and I developed a passion for the new building toy with interlocking bricks at once.  Then I grew up and started working as a skilled technician expert in the field of plastic materials; I had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the LEGO phenomenon, also through pieces advertised in specialised magazines. LEGO was not only a “toy”, but also an industrial phenomenon of great importance. Since the early 70’s LEGO owned more than a thousand of moulding presses for the production of bricks, and made use of thousands of tons of raw material. Therefore, it was an important reality also from an economic and industrial point of view.


After the patent expired in the 80’s, some competitors started producing a compatible brick and I thought I could produce it too. Being a big passionate about building toy and a specialised technician, I would have been capable of producing a copy that technically matched up with the original LEGO. Therefore, I read and studied the LEGO's original patent text thus understanding the interlocking principle, in the light of my know-how on thermoplastics. I figured out that to get a copy really compatible with LEGO, I should have worked with a precision to the tune of hundredths of a millimetre. High precision moulds, extremely expensive and fragile, were an essential precondition for a quality product. Therefore, I decided to build some moulds for basic shapes (2x4 ; 1x4 ; 2x2 ; 1x2 ; 1x1), in hopes of expanding the range. Unfortunately, the time was not yet ripe. Despite the patent had already expired LEGO carried on with a fierce legal battle for many years, conducted with plenty of resources and by using every legal loophole, in order to delay the entry of competitors into the market. The investment in producing the first moulds left me financially exhausted and I was not able to bear the costs of a lawsuit against LEGO. Therefore, I had to put the production of LEGO compatible bricks on hold, until the EU Court issued in 2010 the final decision.


Today, after more than thirty years, the moulds built in the late 80’s, kept with care and attention, restart to produce and reveal their age: the bricks are a copy of the first and sturdier LEGO, with a 1.5 mm thick wall. The LEGO bricks currently available on the market have a thinner wall being now only 1.2 mm thick and there are supports on either side of the middle tube. This model is still used in all LEGO building blocks and is copied by most of competitors producing LEGO-compatible bricks. The current model is more flexible, but weaker. Our bricks are as strength as the original LEGO of the 60’s are. Therefore, Q-BRICKS® are suitable for fans of "retro revival", who prefer a simple but sturdy structure, especially fit for big and very stable buildings.


By registering our new trademark Q-BRICKS®, our products are especially offered to the fans of the original LEGO philosophy: a few basic pieces, robust and precise, letting your creativity run free. In contrast to the current market trend focused on complex buildings, made out of many special pieces. We technically admire these extraordinary products of LEGO and of other competitors, but we hold fast to the scheme of many years ago, the scheme I used when I was a kid and I almost played only with 2x4 bricks. At that time the play consisted in assembling and disassembling something for hours by using bricks that were firstly assembled and then disassembled at the end of the game, thus creating every time a new subject. But now, with the more complex buildings, composed of many special pieces, the subject is sitting on the table and you cannot play with it any further or disassembly it to get something new.


From September 2020 Q-BRICKS®, is managed from Slovenia:


by Mr. Bizjak and Mrs. Debevec with same base philosophy but with fresh energy. Goal of Q-BRICKS® is to expand the market also outside the EU and to expand the product portfolio in limits of Classic program where creativity of individual can run free. You can expect new and good things to happen in near future.


We wish you a pleasant return to the past through our Q-BRICKS®.