The product

We are producing CLASSIC PROGRAM of plastic blocks that are 100% compatible with the leading Denmark brand and other blocks on the market.

Q-BRICKS® blocks are as strength as the original Denmark blocks of the 60s are. This means that the wall thickness of Q-BRICKS® blocks is 1,5mm and not 1,2mm as Denmark blocks are now. Therefore Q-BRICKS® blocks are suitable for fans of »retro revival«, or anybody else, who prefer a simple but sturdy structure, especially fit for big and very stable structures, buildings, MOC.


Izdelek Q-BRICKS

All Q-BRICKS® blocks are 100% produced and assembled in Slovenia under strict production control which applies to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 standard. This means that Q-BRICKS® blocks are dimensionally perfect. We are using only highest quality materials and colours for our production, therefore Q-BRICKS® blocks are mechanically perfect high-quality blocks in bright colours.


Every single Q-BRICKS® block is produced using 50% of recycled material (without compromising quality of blocks). This means that our CO2 emissions are lower in comparison with other blocks on the market.


What makes our building blocks really excellent?

Not only are the fact that they are absolutely compatible, available in loose bags and the use of best plastics and brilliant colours.

There is more! In Q-BRICKS we have studied and developed the concept of the “utilization-quotient”. It establishes the relationship between the total number of studs and the number of pieces in a package. So, you really know how much you can build!

In mixed packages of bricks, the total number of pieces is praised. In this way, small and large building bricks are offered to the customer as equivalent. But this is not the case. The actual value of a building brick is proportional to the number of its studs (coupling elements) since this determines the number of possible compositions.

The “utilization quotient” is derived from the total number of studs within a package by the total number of pieces, and therefore shows the actual uses of the mixture to be acquired.

The larger this “utilization quotient” the higher the variety of possible combinations.


We wish you good constructions and lots of fun with our bricks!


Since the owner of Q-BRICKS d.o.o. is also an owner of an injection plant PLASTIT d.o.o. where Q-BRICKS® blocks are produced we have a central warehouse and can therefore offer affordable prices to the world market. We have a constant stock of all products at all time and very fast delivery.


All Q-BRICKS products are also certified according to:

  • EU STANDARDS (EN71-1 Mechanical and psychical properties|EN71-2 Flammabillity|EN71-3 19 Toxic elements|REACH Canadium content|REACH Phthalate content|REACH PAH content|REACH Organotin)
  • AUSTRALIA STANDARDS (AS/NSW/ISO 8124 Physical and mechanical|AS/NSW/ISO 8124 Flammability|AS/NSW/ISO 8124 Toxic elements)
  • USA and CANADA STANDARDS (ASTM F963 Physical and mechanical test|ASTM F963 Flammability test|ASTM F963 Soluble heavy metals|ASTM/CPSIA/CA Prop 65 Total Lead|ASTM/CPSIA/CA Prop 65 Phtalates|Tracking number assessment|SOR/2011-17 Canada toy test|Physical and mechanical test|Toxis elements|Total Mercury)


Since the development of product, manufacture of mould for production and production of blocks itself is in our hands we can offer you almost unlimited possibilities. New colour produced especially for you-no problem. New shape of the block designed especially for you-no problem. New assembled product designed with instructions especially for you-no problem.

For more information’s, please contact us on or +386 31 249 097 or +386 41 689 560.